June 7, 2019

"Driving back to Oregon in the RV and the door started coming unhitched due to wind, bumps and honestly sloppy work from the maker. We took a chance and stopped by and ran into the Owner, Redd. Without hesitating. He walked out and took a look to see if he could assist is. Within minutes, he had the issue fixed. Redd was such an awesome guy we stayed an extra 20 or so minutes just talking about the area and tornado's lol. So thanks Redd for taking the time even without an appointment to help get us back on the road. Wish we had that kind of service and hospitality where we come from. Unfortunately you don't see it much, but thanks to Redd, we did today."
November 28, 2017

"Excellent service! We needed an emergency major repair to our RV roof while on a cross country trip. We made arrangements on a Monday afternoon to bring the unit in early the next morning when they would have the necessary supplies ready to use. While waiting, the owners and staff could not have been nicer with their Southern hospitality!Upon completion Dennis not only showed us the photos of repairs made, he sent them to us so we can show them to the company that had originally installed a new roof.We felt very blessed that we were in Elk City when we discovered our damaged roof, and that Elk City RV was available to do the repairs to get us back to California!"
July 27, 2017

Great Service

"While traveling to Arizona from Ohio last January in our motorhome , the refrigerator stopped working on a Sunday. We stopped at the Wal Mart in Elk City Ok. to get some ice to keep the food cold. Since we were not too far from OKC. , we decided to stay there for the night , and call Norcold in the morning to find a service that could work on it. When we called Monday, by luck , they told us about Elk City RV, 1 exit from the Wal Mart. We called them, told them our problem, they gave us directions to their location, told us to bring it in and they would look at it. When we got there, they got on it immediately, found the problem, a bad circuit board, had 1 in their inventory, took the bad one out and put the new one in, and got us on our way. They even pointed out a potential water leak under the fridge. What Great Service and Friendly People!! We would highly recommend them ."
May 22, 2017

"What a great bunch of people. We were passing through when our refrigerator went out. We are from out of state, so we expected a response of "we can't get to it for a week" but they jumped on it immediately and had us going in just a few hours. GREAT Service"
April 24, 2017

Nice folks

"Pretty busy place but they made time for us to help us out as we were passing through from OKC on our way to Amarillo. Our hot water heater was on the fritz, while they weren't able to fix it they were able to diagnose the problem and refer us to where we could take it to get fixed. Very nice folks, definitely worth a stop in. "